Deal me in, Santa

Sean was a champ in the kitchen this year. 4 batches of sugar cookies, gingerbread, chocolates, candies and general merrymaking to get ready for the family to fill the house. Oh and to cause sugar highs in the kids prior to their arrival. But mostly for merrymaking.

Making it happen in the kitchen

The results of our labors. The kids really enjoyed decorating the cookies themselves. I also got in to the piping bag decorating again as well. It’s been a while and it scratches that creative urge I don’t often get to fulfill these days.


Pretty please!

Okay but just one.

A family-made gingerbread house along with sugar cookies made for an almost irresistible centerpiece.  Hands off, buddy! We’re watching you…

I meant to get a picture BEFORE the decimation by a hungry family. Good thing the veggie tray survived.

Cora awaiting bedtime

We have a family tradition on Christmas Eve to eat delicious food,  play games and visit with each other.  For a while, there was no one to worry about getting to bed on time,  and the timing went up util midnight where my sister and I would get to open one present then off to bed we went. Of course, Cora and Harlan needed to be sent to bed in order to ensure Santa would visit our home. Thankfully there was minimal resistance as they had enjoyed a full day of family and games. Cora won every hand.


Cookies for Santa

Cora penned the note for Santa to know the cookies were especially for him.

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