2 years going on 30

Not to say that Cora is acting like an old lady or anything (because 30 is nearly dead, right?), but we have had the pleasure of watching this firecracker grow and change in ways that seem well beyond her years. I don’t even know that I can count the things, but since I really like lists, here are a few of note:

  • No more diapers! In May, she asked us, “why do I have to wear a pull up at night?” We guess you don’t.
  • discipline and remorse – she’s learned that generally things have consequences, some manufactured (you won’t get this if you do that) and some natural, if you run without looking you will run into something… and it will HURT
  • “Mama says yes” meaning she got permission from me, so she should be allowed to do it.
  • There are others, countless, but I’m too sleep deprived to recount them all, just come visit and you will get to see them live!


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