9 Months on the Outside

Better out than in, in the words of a green ogre of Pixar fame.

Harlan has achieved a 50% duty cycle for you engineers out there. The trip was a great experience, so much so that I think Harlan was saving a lot of growing and change for our return so he didn’t miss anything. Why might I say this? We’ve only been back a week and he has accomplished the following (most of these by last Friday):

  • started crawling
  • pulling up on any and everything
  • cruising on any and everything
  • 4 new teeth have broken through
  • sleeping 8 hours at night

Some might say it was just time, having reached 9 months old on May 31st, but we think it definitely was the wide open expanse of our living room (as compared to the RV dinette floor) that spurred the rapid motor skill development.


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