Happy 2nd Birthday, Cora!

Man it’s tough practically sharing your birthday with your brand new brother. But thankfully there are much tougher things in life than this and Cora-borealis is young enough to not care. Here are a few shots from her mini party to celebrate her 2nd birthday, Sep 4.

So much has happened this year that it’s impossible to capture in one small blog post (because let’s be honest folks, with a newborn at home, all these posts are just gonna get shorter). However, this time is great to reflect on all that has happened that we are all very grateful for. A healthy year for Cora with hardly any illnesses, infections or injuries. Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds, both in English and in Spanish. Not much is spoken in Spanish but she understands so much more than I could have hoped. Her ready acceptance of a new sibling at home. She’s been quite sweet with Harlan despite how much time it takes away for her and I together. We’re not heading in to war imminently and our extended families are all healthy and doing well. Can’t really ask for much more than that for a 2nd birthday.

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