The Table is FINISHED!!!!!




It definitely took longer than expected (2 years), but the table is finished. It originally started as a train table for the kids, but it turned out to be a really nice piece of furniture, and is contending for the nicest in the house. I think the table will be a general purpose table that the kids can play on as they see fit and there will not be any restrictions on what they want to do on it (That is why there is a pretty thick layer of polyurethane all over the table). It looks great and I hope the kids use it as a nice play surface for legos, trains, coloring, painting, or whatever their imaginations can think of.

Here was the original Sketchup drawing of the table two years ago. It turned out to be pretty close.

cora train table web formatted


Putting Biscuits in the Tabletop

I got all of the biscuits in the tabletop for putting the whole thing together. It was amazing to see the wood seam dissappear after applying the glue and tightening the clamps. My one gripe is that the biscuit machine (plate joiner) is made for right handed people. Because of the way the dust collection works, when I would make a cut and then get sprayed with wood chips and saw dust. Small price to pay to see the table come together though.


Work on the Play Table commences

I have begun the work on the tableĀ  and have finished the initial machining of the table top. Right now it looks REALLY big, but it will be cut down to 36″ x 48″ and will be a little more manageable. The grain on the wood is gorgeous and I am struggling with the idea of painting over it. We’ll see how that goes when the table is done.