It’s over….

We’re married and had a lot to wrap up (and unwrap, thanks everyone!). Things are still rather hectic, but we’re trying to slow it down a bit by keeping all of you in our thoughts. Pictures, stories, and whatnot will come eventually to this site.


Wrapping up

With all the wedding planning nearing completion, I’m getting incredibly excited for the coming weekend. I can’t wait to share it with all of you coming and to tell the tale of the experience to those who can’t make it. The weather is shaping up to be nice and cold, so bring out your fancy cold weather gear. Also, feel free to email us with a song choice for the reception.


31 Days to go!

But who’s counting? In exciting news, my ultimate frisbee team qualified for the UPA National Championships this weekend! We’re 6 days closer to the wedding than my last post, and I’m very excited! I hope everyone is doing well.


36 Days to go!

My how time flies. After the hurricane it’s been quite hectic getting back to a normal pace of things. The house is back to normal, the power is back on, and we are all back to work. But of course the catchup has gotten to us. Thankfully, we have a great weekend to look forward to with our close friends and family. If you would like, let us know how your travel arrangements are coming along. If you are looking for a bunk buddy, or to share a ride, we can help.


Invitations Sent

Nothing like a hurricane to give you plenty of time to finish some invitations. We hope you like them. We think they say a little (or a lot) about us. We didn’t include a lot of information in print form knowing that not everyone is in the same situiation for travel. We also hope that you will give us a call or refer to our website which will have the most current information about travel, accomodations, and more. It will be updated fairly frequently in the coming weeks as we get closer to the big day!


Invitations Coming

I’m sure you all would like to know where those pesky invitations are. They are on their way this week. Apologies for the delay, but as many of you know, this is just how I operate. Also, feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about the wedding, if you can’t make it or just want to say hello!


Save the dates in the mail!

Hello! You have probably found your way to this site via a little trinket sent to you in the mail. In case you were wondering, that is a magnet that you can stick on your favorite metal surface to remind you of our upcoming wedding in Incline Village, NV. Those are handcrafted by yours truly and I hope they liven up the surface you choose.


The Important Information Has Been Added

We did get a lot of information from our trip to Tahoe over Memorial Day weekend. However, I didn’t get any of that free time to work on getting that info to each of you. Sorry about that, there is a lot of it available now however!