Easter 2017

Happy Easter to all. Cora and Harlan got a Bible story from PawPaw so they could be reminded that Easter isn’t only about candy. Of course it was mostly about candy foot them all,  but our neighbors on Mead St made it also about community.

I didn’t get very many all inclusive pictures, but it was a beautiful day.


Bedtime fun and creative minds

Lately, the bedtime routine has been a real drag. Lots of hyper, amped up kids, screaming and yelling, naked jumping around and not listening for well longer than necessary (a little naked jumping is ok, but not too much, ya know?).

Tonight I wanted a little less drama as we were already getting a late start and I was tired. Even getting from the bathroom to their bedroom can be a chore and I decided to announce the following: The astronauts needed to prepare for their next space mission and they needed to hurry to their spaceship. Immediate response and excitement. It continued with donning space suits (pajamas) and helmets (headbands) and reading the flight manual (bedtime story) and resting up for their mission to Venus.

They were so excited and I really enjoyed the way they got into it with the role play and humoring me. 

Below they are being creative with their lunch. PB&J, raisins, bellpeppers, cashews, tomatoes and carrots, yum.


The Blog Is Back

We have had some hardware issues with the machine running the blog. I have swapped out bad hardware and have restored the blog back to the latest version. Enjoy!