Please Welcome Harlan Woodrow Beard

On August 30, 2013, Sean, AJ, and Cora Beard had the privilege of welcoming a new addition to our family.

Harlan Woodrow Beard arrived on Friday morning after about 3 hours of active labor* at 12:21 AM.

He weighed in at 8 lbs 15.7 oz and was 19.75″ long. We were very blessed to have no complications during delivery or with his health and made a prompt return home exactly 24 hours after he was in our arms. We’re very grateful for the support of our families during this time as this would have been a lot more stressful otherwise. While a few days late, thankfully Harlan also didn’t dally too much longer in the womb – Cora kept him scared to come out I think.

Name: Harlan is a favorite science fiction author of Sean’s and Woodrow was the middle name of Harlan’s paternal great-grandfather.

We’re hanging out at home for a few weeks to soak up the newness of it all but you can bet we’ll be out and about soon enough.

* Those of you who like that sort of thing, can check out Harlan’s birth story on my personal blog.