Baseball Is In The Air

It was Little League day at Safeco field on Sunday for the Mariners vs. Tigers game. Cora and Harlan were pretty excited and they got into their uniform and we were off to the stadium.










When we got to the field, we got the chance to walk on the field as part of the Little League parade, which was a lot of fun.






















The day was a lot of fun. We all shared a bunch of grasshoppers (yes the bugs) and the Mariners walked it off in the 11th.


Cora, You Never Cease To Amaze Me

Cora, today had its ups and downs. But it ended on a real high note. You suggested we just ‘put a dinner together’ and proceeded to the cabinet and grabbed Goldfish crackers and nuts. I exclaimed, ‘No no no, you’ve had absolutely enough carbs and junk today, you need vegetables!’.

Mind you I had no idea what we would eat that would make everyone happy that would get enough veggies in. Lucky for all of us, Cora had just harvested some kale and chard, and I some tomatoes (and both kids had gotten the pumpkins!). Cora saw that and immediately thought to make a salad. She grabbed the santoku knife, and started in on the kale and tomatoes (she scared me with the tomatoes but did em safely anyway).

She asked about other veggies we might have (remembering what we had eaten the day before) and I rummaged in the fridge, pulling out cabbage and celery. That girl proceeded to whip up a mean salad that EVERYONE in the family enjoyed.

Here are the fall crops we recently harvested.

Fall 2017 Late Harvest


Happy Happy Birthday! 5 and 3, too much for me!

This week we celebrated 5 years for Cora and Harlan. They were full of energy in anticipation for the annual bounce house insanity that we invite to our backyard. This year was special also in part because Cora will start Kindergarten in just under two weeks. We’re so lucky and grateful to have such healthy,  strong,  cheeky kids. 

I know at some point they will want to have their own parties but I hope it isn’t for a long time.  

Plus, how will  we keep people thinking they’re fraternal twins if they have separate parties?


To My Daughter

Hi Cora,
Today you had your early entrance to kindergarten exam. We were nervous for you and did virtually nothing to prepare you for it since we didn’t want you to stress. You seemed excited about it and had no problems getting started, and finishing the whole way through.
You didn’t want to tell us all the details about it but we hope what you did share was accurate and that it was a positive experience.
Your reward was spam masubi (yeah girl!) and a sweet drink.
We painted later that day and you chided us that “we shouldn’t get overzealous with the paints” since we might make a big mess. Say WHAT? I don’t even use that word right half the time.

You make me want to scream most days because I want to believe I have all this control over you, and for your health and well being I have to keep up the farce, but all the other times on all those same days, I am proud and amazed at who you are.
Keep it up!
love, mama




Cora’s Masterpiece…Just the Beginning

cora masterpiece 01This was a piece of art that Cora came home from school with. This was an amazing picture that she came up with all by herself. In Cora’s words….

“This is my family, Mama is in the middle, then (top to bottom on the left) Daddy, my brother (I made him a little small because he is so small), then me, and alien on the bottom. (Top-right) Those are jack-o-lanterns and the sun (top-left corner).”

Some of the art is a reflection of Creative Galaxy, which is a show that she has been watching. On Harlan and Cora, in the picture, you can see elements of pointillism which was from one of her favorite episodes.

Cora has definitely loved to draw and it is great to see her really starting to express it.


Happy 4th Birthday, Cora!

Another year had passed and this munchkin is 4 years old.

That first birthday,  celebrated in two cities with family and friends:


To a new home in Seattle where the  fans come to her:


Stories for my birthday with Grandpa

The sky’s the limit for this 4-year-old, proclaiming she’s almost 5 as soon as her birthday arrived.


To celebrate, we had our 2nd annual bounce house birthday bash at our home and invited friends from all over.
We made a cake, brisket and had the classic kid birthday party fare, reminding me of the parties my mom used to throw growing up.

All these fantastic photos below are thanks to Tara Urs. I apparently was busy bouncing myself silly and eating too much food…


Busy… eating… can’t …talk …now.


Bounce HOUSE!


Sadly we didn’t get any pictures of Cora thoroughly enjoying birthday cake as much as Harlan.


Harlan being chivalrous.


Just kidding,  me first!


This is only my first juice box,  honest.





Fun things pre-schoolers say

As I dust the cobwebs off the family blog, I had to make sure I got some posts started about the great things Cora says. It’s really fun to see how the human brain processes information.


I was trying to explain comparison:

Me: Mama is taller than Harlan. Cora is taller than Harlan. When we talk about two things and how they are related we compare them.

C: Like when you eat an apple and a pear?

We’re at a friends house and she sees some rawhide chew toys for their dog on the floor.

C: What are these?

F: They’re dog bones.

C: The dog lost it’s bones?

We’re home from work and usually have a snack. Cora finds a packet of M&Ms and asks for them.

C: Can I have some M&M’s?

Me: I guess, but just a few.

C: Do you want some?

Me: No thank you, I’m going to have some popcorn, a healthy snack.

C: And I’m having a sick snack!