Fun things pre-schoolers say

As I dust the cobwebs off the family blog, I had to make sure I got some posts started about the great things Cora says. It’s really fun to see how the human brain processes information.


I was trying to explain comparison:

Me: Mama is taller than Harlan. Cora is taller than Harlan. When we talk about two things and how they are related we compare them.

C: Like when you eat an apple and a pear?

We’re at a friends house and she sees some rawhide chew toys for their dog on the floor.

C: What are these?

F: They’re dog bones.

C: The dog lost it’s bones?

We’re home from work and usually have a snack. Cora finds a packet of M&Ms and asks for them.

C: Can I have some M&M’s?

Me: I guess, but just a few.

C: Do you want some?

Me: No thank you, I’m going to have some popcorn, a healthy snack.

C: And I’m having a sick snack!



All Hallows Eve 2014

Never get the hang of stopping for a picture in our costumes before the craziness that is trick or treating with small children. Here we are in the crowded bustle of Columbia City in Seattle during the Halloween business walk, or whatever it was called. It was too many people in a small space getting candy from… not their neighbors. We did that for about 45 min then made our way to dinner.

The first one here was sadly the only picture we got of all of us.

After we got home, our new street had lots of candy givers and takers about. Made me want to join. So we got our costumes back in order and headed out to meet some more neighbors and trick or treat door to door. Once that was accomplished, I felt as if Halloween had been adequately observed.




Cora Marie is Turning Three!

Well it’s been a minute since she turned three, but we need to properly commemorate the event here on the family blog. We had just moved in to our new home in South Seattle the weekend before, so we weren’t quite in our right minds. I had decided that what one does with a large yard is put really big bounce houses on them. So in July I had ordered a bounce house to have for 4 hours for the party. I then of course had to invite a ton of people (trying to keep the party about Cora, but of course getting a little ahead of myself).

You need this.

You need this.

I like a little hokey in my life. Here’s the in invite to the party:
Party Invite

Party Invite

We’re proud to announce 
Miss Cora Marie
Will gladly greet 
Her year number three!
We’ll party outside 
But enjoy some shade
And if you like to jump
You’ve got it made!
Hope you can make it! 
Sean, AJ, Cora and Harlan

Fall is here – Pumpkin Patch Time!

We really enjoy taking the kids to the pumpkin patch. Our very first trip was when Cora was a little nugget. I’ll have to find the pictures from that because it certainly is a foggy memory. But the last two years, we’ve gone with her preschool – Preschool Adventures and their sister preschool Learning Express. It always makes for great pictures and muddy fun.

Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm really knows how to do the pumpkin patch experience. He has it all, a hayride, pick your own pumpkin, the real deal Holyfield corn maze, a cow train tractor ride, a huge selection of pumpkins and gourds for decorating, cooking, and baking, and a large farmers market selection of fruit and veggies. Not to mention the decadent ciders, kettle corn, lemonades, and hot donuts.

Cora had a healthy helping of those (snuck a few past my watchful eye).

Big thank you to Henry (Max’s daddy) for taking and sharing these great pictures with us.



Cuteness Is…


Well the kids have been champs will all that’s going on in our lives. Planning for the move, house all in chaos with boxes and Sean traveling a lot for work, my volunteer activities at a fever pitch, they have been really sweet to put up with all of it with a smile. That is not to say that they don’t have their moments that have me pulling my own hair out. But, I have been enjoying those moments as they approach their 1st and 3rd birthdays.





What about Cora?

I feel like a post dedicated to Cora was long overdue. So much is happening in her little world that I know I’ll look back in a few years and regret not capturing the details. This post will be long for all but the grandparents, but hopefully entertaining enough to make it enjoyable.
As of today, Cora is two years and 4.5 months old. Only reason I can tell you how many months is because I can only measure her brother’s age in months. She knows she’s a big sister and that he is her brother, which she can say in both English and Spanish. She is quite empathetic, if another child or adult is crying near her she stops and looks very concerned, usually asking me if they are sad or hurt,depending on the situation. If suggested, she would never hesistate to give that person a hug, even complete strangers, which in hindsight might not be the safest habit but is still very sweet.
Wonderfully suggestable, nearly all tantrums can be avoided or cut short with redirection to something else. Generally anything will do, even on very little sleep or with an empty tummy, but those situations sometimes require a bit more creative redirection. She really challenges us sometimes too, her ability to remember cause and effect catches me offguard frequently because I just don’t expect her to put those concepts together. Example, tonight she wanted to go outside to help a raindrop who had fallen. From a book she has about raindrops, read several weeks ago.
A favorite activity for her most days is to play songs of the alphabet and count things, albeit out of order most the time. She also is getting into music more now that we’re focusing more when we play together. She’s always ready to do a jig when the keyboard plays a tune. We sure do love this little girl. When it gets hard and it seems like all we do is discipline or take things away, I hope she knows that.



2 years going on 30

Not to say that Cora is acting like an old lady or anything (because 30 is nearly dead, right?), but we have had the pleasure of watching this firecracker grow and change in ways that seem well beyond her years. I don’t even know that I can count the things, but since I really like lists, here are a few of note:

  • No more diapers! In May, she asked us, “why do I have to wear a pull up at night?” We guess you don’t.
  • discipline and remorse – she’s learned that generally things have consequences, some manufactured (you won’t get this if you do that) and some natural, if you run without looking you will run into something… and it will HURT
  • “Mama says yes” meaning she got permission from me, so she should be allowed to do it.
  • There are others, countless, but I’m too sleep deprived to recount them all, just come visit and you will get to see them live!



Spring 2014

A lot has happened this spring, and it’s all been leading up to a really nice break for our family. First a quick summary:

  • AJ completed her Masters from the University of Houston in Physical Education – Motor Behavior
  • Sean has had a really successful quarter with new business and connections at work
  • Cora is potty trained and has a huge vocabulary.
  • Harlan has continued to grow and flourish with new teeth, new skills (pulling up and rolling both ways).

In less happy news, my grandfather passed away in February. Rev J. Bob Thomas went home on February 12. We traveled to Dallas for the services and then on to Houston to spend time with my dad and mom. He was a great guy who was very loved in his community. He will be missed.






We also traveled to Houston a short month after that to celebrate the wedding on my dear friend Kim to Faheem on April 12. Crew Phi Crew is slowly but surely marrying everyone off!








In short, a lot has happened this spring and we’re only going to follow it up with more craziness as we get ready to embark on our 5.5 week trip cross country in May.


My Babies


My lap was the only one available at the time apparently.

Couldn’t resist a cuddle, look at that brother and sister love!!