Happy Happy Birthday! 5 and 3, too much for me!

This week we celebrated 5 years for Cora and Harlan. They were full of energy in anticipation for the annual bounce house insanity that we invite to our backyard. This year was special also in part because Cora will start Kindergarten in just under two weeks. We’re so lucky and grateful to have such healthy,  strong,  cheeky kids. 

I know at some point they will want to have their own parties but I hope it isn’t for a long time.  

Plus, how will  we keep people thinking they’re fraternal twins if they have separate parties?

One thought on “Happy Happy Birthday! 5 and 3, too much for me!

  1. I got the pictures I’ve already put them in a frame. They are lovely. I put up some Christmas trees ill have to send you some pictures.
    I’ll be close to home and that depends on the weather also. Church and Mabel I’ll go up to Kenneth and Kim . I love you all just so far apart, your father said that they were coming up or out whatever it may be. You all have fun.
    All is well I probably will call for Christmas.
    Love Granny

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