Cora Marie is Turning Three!

Well it’s been a minute since she turned three, but we need to properly commemorate the event here on the family blog. We had just moved in to our new home in South Seattle the weekend before, so we weren’t quite in our right minds. I had decided that what one does with a large yard is put really big bounce houses on them. So in July I had ordered a bounce house to have for 4 hours for the party. I then of course had to invite a ton of people (trying to keep the party about Cora, but of course getting a little ahead of myself).

You need this.

You need this.

I like a little hokey in my life. Here’s the in invite to the party:
Party Invite

Party Invite

We’re proud to announce 
Miss Cora Marie
Will gladly greet 
Her year number three!
We’ll party outside 
But enjoy some shade
And if you like to jump
You’ve got it made!
Hope you can make it! 
Sean, AJ, Cora and Harlan

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