What about Cora?

I feel like a post dedicated to Cora was long overdue. So much is happening in her little world that I know I’ll look back in a few years and regret not capturing the details. This post will be long for all but the grandparents, but hopefully entertaining enough to make it enjoyable.
As of today, Cora is two years and 4.5 months old. Only reason I can tell you how many months is because I can only measure her brother’s age in months. She knows she’s a big sister and that he is her brother, which she can say in both English and Spanish. She is quite empathetic, if another child or adult is crying near her she stops and looks very concerned, usually asking me if they are sad or hurt,depending on the situation. If suggested, she would never hesistate to give that person a hug, even complete strangers, which in hindsight might not be the safest habit but is still very sweet.
Wonderfully suggestable, nearly all tantrums can be avoided or cut short with redirection to something else. Generally anything will do, even on very little sleep or with an empty tummy, but those situations sometimes require a bit more creative redirection. She really challenges us sometimes too, her ability to remember cause and effect catches me offguard frequently because I just don’t expect her to put those concepts together. Example, tonight she wanted to go outside to help a raindrop who had fallen. From a book she has about raindrops, read several weeks ago.
A favorite activity for her most days is to play songs of the alphabet and count things, albeit out of order most the time. She also is getting into music more now that we’re focusing more when we play together. She’s always ready to do a jig when the keyboard plays a tune. We sure do love this little girl. When it gets hard and it seems like all we do is discipline or take things away, I hope she knows that.


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