‘Tis the season

No not that season, we already talked about Christmas time. It’s winter sports season! I know that isn’t something we’ve ever really cared about, but since moving up here and really not knowing what to do for the rest of the 9 months than aren’t seasons like Houston, we had to learn to get into winter sports/activities. we’ve tried our hands (or feet?) at snowshoeing, tubing, snowboarding and making snowmen, but haven’t really done any of them with any regularity. We made a resolution to get out more in the winter this year 1) because it’s good for you 2) it’s exercise which we can’t seem to motivate ourselves to get otherwise and 3) where else in the country is it so accessible and affordable?

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You get to see the sun much more when hiking and snowsporting (new word, honest) than in Seattle in the winter, which helps stave off the winter blues so common in our household. So we broke the seal on this winter and went on a short hike near Snoqualmie this past weekend short enough to make it back for nap time and to watch the Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl. It was Harlan’s first trip to the mountains and in the snow. He missed most of it though -he took a nap and I wanted to keep his face covered due to a cold our entire family was suffering with. Cora also managed to pass out after a very excited walk from the car to the trailhead. Not sure what happened there!


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