2 months of CRAZY!

Having a newborn in the house is a significant change to your family. I want to say a disclaimer that we’re really grateful that nothing too life altering really struck us, but we had our share of difficulties this time around. After two bouts of mastitis, 4 colds, and two frenotomies, a possible diagnosis that would require surgery for Harlan, I was pretty done with health issues. Mastitis is no joke if untreated, and while having having dealt with it twice, knowledge of what it is and how to treat it makes it much more tolerable. Breastfeeding was my biggest goal with this child, part of the reason I decided to take more time off and spend it at home with Cora and Harlan. I wasn’t about to give it up after two months!

Cora was having breathing issues which caused our GP to recommend nebulizer treatments. As it stands, the winter season is nigh and respiratory related illnesses are just beginning. All is well now, but I’m sure I’ll be back whining again as another strain of the runny noses, coughs, etc hits us.

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