Babymoon, Family Style

I’ve been on a whirlwind of DO as  I near the end of my freedom, I mean pregnancy. Each weekend has been jam-packed with activities – bbq’s, lunches, brunches, park visits, hanging out, work parties, you name it. This weekend we decided to take the last safe opportunity to go out of town before my due date to the Olympic Peninsula. Seeing Hurricane Ridge was a priority, but other than that, we hoped to just relax at our destination along the Hood Canal and spend some quality family time together.

We almost did just that, but once again, probably did a little more than advisable because some one in our family, and I’m not naming any names, is hard headed.

We visited a surprisingly warm lake near the Hood Canal called Lake Cushman. The air temps were unpleasantly cooler than desired, but the water was incredibly comfortable for a dip. Our southern proclivities have earmarked Lake Cushman as a repeat spot for the family when we visit the Olympic Peninsula again. We took the Sea Eagle out for a few hours together on Sunday. We took a lunch break on a “sand bar” island in the lake. Sean pulled out his pole for a little solitary fishing, while Cora and I paddled around the lake a little more to stay warm.


It was a little tiring, but a really fun weekend together before we welcome #2 to the family sometime soon. Looking forward to taking more opportunities to do that in the future!


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